WAGNER has been an innovator of fire protection systems for over 40 years, offering tailored and customised solutions for a wide range of business facilities

  • Data Centres
  • Warehouses and Logistics facilities
  • Automated High-rack storage areas
  • Cold Storage facilities
  • Automated Warehouses
  • Hazardous Materials Storage locations
  • Archives, Museums and Libraries

We handle all Research and Development, design and engineering in house, supported by a comprehensive service portfolio that includes planning, installation, implementation and ongoing maintenance services.

  • Fire

  • Global

    Leader in protection
  • Prevention

    Investment Protection

Our main industrial fire protection solutions include, Very early smoke detection apparatus (VESDA) using smoke detectors with air sampling capabilities (TITANUS®) and active fire prevention through low oxygen systems (OxyReduct®). The WAGNER Group, family owned with our headquarters in Langenhangen/Germany, employs more than 500 professional globally.