Positioning ourselves as the GCC’s Market Leading “Critical Infrastructure Integrator”, our core operating verticals can be categorized into 4 main areas:

Data Centres &

Data Centre Infrastructure projects have seen significant growth in the GCC over recent years and GCSS has positioned itself as a market leader by delivering many significant projects across Government and private sectors.

GCSS Data Centre Services

  • Verify and assess existing facility for civil, electrical & mechanical services and recommend guidelines for design
  • Provide electrical and mechanical load analysis
  • Evaluate and propose systems capacity and condition of existing Air conditioning system, in coordination with trades for proposed hardware configuration, personnel workflow.
  • Evaluate/recommend fire detection and suppression equipment
  • Evaluate/recommend uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and battery equipment based on proposed hardware and network configurations (in coordination with network implementation contractor).
  • Evaluate existing electrical components
  • Evaluate power distribution units (PDUs)
  • Evaluate lighting and other areas for data centre & support rooms
  • Recommend appropriate Access Control Systems
  • Address safety, grounding and noise attenuation issues
  • Post construction inspection, testing, commissioning and training the staff on maintaining the newly built data centre environment.
  • Provide comprehensive documentation for all the installed equipment upon the turnkey handover of the data centre for optimum performance and smooth operation.
  • Provide proposal for preventive maintenance service for the equipment supplied and installed, ensure necessary spare parts are made available as and when required.

Our brand portfolio and exclusive distribution for some of the world’s highest quality solutions for Data Centre Infrastructure projects includes:

  • STULZ Precision Cooling systems – Germany
  • STULZ-TI Pre-fabricated Data Centres – UK
  • TATE Raised Access Floors and Containment Solutions – USA
  • Wagner Fire Systems – Germany
  • GE UPS & Power Systems – USA
  • Cool IT


Another key Industry that Gulf Computer Support Systems have become one of the GCC’s market leaders is building technology solutions. From providing access for underfloor Cooling and Heating, underfloor access for electrical / telephone / IT cabling, leak detection systems including water leaks and controlled environment solutions, GCSS can tailor a solution to your requirements.

Rising energy prices, new legislation and heightened environmental awareness are changing the demands on the built environment around the world. Today many buildings strive to offer healthy, flexible indoor spaces that reduce the environmental impact of construction and building operation.

GCSS offers the latest building technology products and services such as: Raised Access Flooring, Underfloor Air Delivery system, Modular power and wiring systems, Precision Air Conditioning, Backup power solutions, security systems, etc.

Building Technology Solutions

Our solutions provide optimum value, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, manufactured to the highest quality standards, and can be successfully integrated within new or renovated buildings for almost every facility including:

  • Commercial offices / open plan environments
  • Residential buildings
  • Green / Sustainable / Energy efficient buildings
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Libraries / Art Galleries
  • Equipment Rooms / IT Rooms
  • Laboratories / Clean Rooms
  • Server / Computer Rooms
  • Production Stations
  • Conference / Meeting Rooms
  • Reception Areas
  • Educational buildings
  • Call Centres

Some of our exclusive Brand and Distributor agreements include:

  • TATE Raised Access Floors For Commercial Buildings – USA
  • TTK Leak Detection Systems – France
  • PP4CE Controlled Environments – Netherlands / Germany
  • STULZ Precision Air Conditioning systems

Power Station

With the increasing demand of uninterrupted and high quality power, GCSS offers reliable power solutions for various applications to guarantee 24/7 business continuity with the highest standards of safety, quality and environment compatibility.

The GCSS team of experienced engineers and technicians can provide a Turn Key solution for your business needs. From selecting, specifying and designing the correct solution to installation and maintenance, GCSS can take care of all of your project requirements.

Power Station Solutions

GCSS guarantees that its clients receive superior technical support, personalized service and rapid response, all being vital success factors in today’s critical application environment. Some of our Global leading products include:

  • Benning UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply Systems – France
  • GE UPS & Power Systems – USA


GCSS is very proud to be an exclusive partner for Bartronics RFID & Software Solutions.

Asset Management Solutions

Our Services include:

  • Identification Technologies
  • Barcode, RFID
  • Smart Card
  • Biometric
  • GPS
  • Enterprise Mobility and solutions
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems (AI)
  • Enterprise Portal Service
  • Content Management
  • Application Development & Management
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Software Quality Assurance & Testing and Strategic Consulting.